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We take a "ready", "aim, "fire" approach to all of our projects. You can expect your experience with us to be productive and reliable in all aspect of design in our productivity, communication, design talent, and more

Communication is key to success here. Communication with us and with you is of utmost importance and we give you direct access to the designers as projects continue. You are able to contact us at any time and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Not only do we communicate systematically and throughly, we also use a digital checklist that helps us stay on track to meet deadlines and goals.

When it comes to content, we will tell youexactl what we need and guide you along the way. We also specialize in organization and help you organize your files, photos, documents, and more in a safe folder for your convenience. When we start a project together, we will create a shared drive where you can simply drag and drop content easily and accessibly, making it a smooth transition into the design segment




Website Designer & Developer

I approach all design projects through a Ready, Aim, Fire philosophy. Getting ready is the most important part and I pay special attention to your requests, preferences, design strategies, and more so to aim for launch. 

You can expect consistent communication and productive results from me. By following the Ready. Aim. Fire method, we are a better team, we work harder, and we deliver the best website that suits your every need 




It's not rocket science to realize that if you aren't ready, you won't aim, and if you don't aim you won't fire. At Salt & Sand, "getting ready" means learning. We learn about your business, your target audience, how you are doing, how business is going, and together we establish trust. We do the same! Together, we learn about each others experiences and get ready to aim.

In order to be successful you have to fire. however...without being ready or setting a target, you will not win. Every individual has a weak point in one of these 3 categories. At Salt & Sand, we are a team with you.

When you have a team that can successfully do all 3 and make this strategy a habit, you are bound to have few competitors. Ready the team carefully, Aim with confidence, and fire

with courage.


"Aiming" means setting goals. If we don't set goals, we won't know whether or not we have come out on top. As a team, we build a reliable system that will aid us when it is time to "fire". This includes preparing for bumps in the road along the way, but also keeping our eyes on the tasks ahead.




Ready for Launch. We put our plan and our strategies to the test and begin evaluating our successes. When we see success, we celebrate it, and when we see failure we convert it and get ready to go again. Few people fire. Many get ready and many aim, but few people fire. With Salt & Sand, we do all three...every time.

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