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For the past year, I haven't spent a dime on advertising. I have solely relied on word of mouth from past clients and that has kept me fully booked. It's not the finished products that cause the conversions, its my client process which has taken me 3 years to get right. Steal my client process strategy for your business.

I reply promptly to all inquiries - IN MINUTES if possible

One of my pet peeves is getting ghosted by a service provider who begged me to give them a chance. In this industry, first impressions are everything.

I prioritize prompt response time which I could argue is one of the main things that set me apart from other competitors. Its not abnormal to inquire about a service and wait days for an automated response to come back from the company (if you even get a response at all).

I make sure to treat every client like I was already expecting them! I believe this approach has contributed greatly to my client retainment as well as my referrals because there is a significant difference between being treated like you have value vs. the latter example of feeling like an inconvenience to a busy company who doesn't have time for you.

Before I meet with a client, I do my homework

Another reason I believe my word of mouth referrals are so high are due to a business already feeling understood before I even try to pitch them my service.

Before every consultation, I do a little bit of research on the inquiring business. I study their website, I familiarize myself with their industry, I take note of their geographical area and even take into consideration competitors they may have within a certain mile radius.

This effort serves as a tool for me to customize the consultation to be efficient and effective but also makes my leads feel like they matter and I truly am there to solve their problems. It reinforces my belief in treating my leads as though I was already expecting them.

old fashioned telephone
Photography By Chepté cormani

I customize the consultation experience to the individual business

Like I said before, first impressions matter - especially when they are coming from hearing about the experiences of my prior clients who may have referred them. It's not a test but rather a feeling of "Is my friend right about you or not?"

Doing business with anyone involves a risk. I ensure my consultations are tailored to reinforce trust - and using my research from the step before, I can prepare questions relevant to them specifically to direct the conversation in my favor - which is their trust!

My consultations are extensive, and that's another blog in itself. To me, the consultation is not the time to land the sale - it's the time to listen intently to my clients needs and take notes. I'm not worried about the sale because I have full confidence that if I follow this process, it will come.

I land the deal - but not in the way you think

In business, you hear about all kinds of sales tactics to land a deal. Not around here partner, I am actually awful at sales and get second-hand embarrassment when others try... When I finish up a consultation - there is no "so, what do you think, are you interested in a website?"

Actually, I never get to this point. My client makes the deal before I ever have to ask. I owe all this to the research/homework phase of my process. Because of that effort, I usually have solution after solution after solution to my clients problems making them feel relief, excitement, and a breath of fresh air for the first time in who knows how long knowing that I am able to be a remedy.

Once I make them feel like their problems are now safe in my custody and they can put their attention towards something else, I've got the sale, and my clients are the ones who close the deal before I even get half-way through to the consultation.

Feelings are priceless. Lack of trust, security, and financial means are all pretty significant deterrents when it comes to service based business relationships. But through this process, I have had the opportunity to serve over 30+ businesses and go from complete strangers to great friends that keep in touch. The client relationships that don't end when the work is done are my favorites and I strive for it every time!


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