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Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Prioritizing photography will change the face of your website completely. There are very few things that can be done to make up for poor photos on your website so bringing in a photographer is worth the investment. Firstly, your website is likely the first interaction people have with your website and statistics have shown that within about 3-5 seconds a customer will decide if they will proceed forward just with engaging in the presentation of your website. If your site has very poor photography, no way to contact you, and scattered information I can guarantee your website is not performing well and ultimately costing you money.

This is a fool proof shot list that will help you to get everything you need to completely transform your website photography – The three things you need are going to be pictures of your products, your people, and your environment.

Photo by Andrew Neel:
Photography by Andrew Neel

First of all you need to find a photographer that has a portfolio that captures the aesthetic that you like. You can ask for recommendations through facebook groups or reach out to photographers online directly via their website. Be sure to inquire on behalf of your business as not all photographers specialize in business / product photography.

On Your Shot List #1 : Your Products

When it comes to products, it's important to have 3 different pictures for EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT. First, ask your photographer to take a "grouped photo" (where there is a stack or a collection of one product all together), a "single photo" (the product completely staged on its own by itself), and an "in use" product (have a model or a friend hold or use this product candidly).

For bonus shots - ask your photographer to take portrait shots and landscape shots of these products as well. You will thank yourself later!


On Your Shot List #2 : Your People

When it comes to taking pictures of people there are 3 different styles of photos that should be taken PER PERSON. Regardless of your employee count, even if you are the sole business owner this still works for you too. Ask your photographer to take a "working picture" (candidly working at your desk or making your product), a "group picture" (have a team get together and pretend to be collaborating), and then lastly "headshots". (shoulders and above picture)

Bonus points if you are able to separate employee teams by department (marketing, IT, etc...)


On Your Shot List #3: Your Environment

This often gets overlooked but can be crucial towards marketing your space.

There are 3 different styles of photos that should be added to your environment shot list. Firstly, "close-ups" (a mug on a desk, or a house plant by your laptop, etc...) next is going to a birds eye view or views from a distance about your office space, and lastly take pictures of people in their work environments (at their desk, etc...)


Photography quite literally tells the story of your business. As humans, we naturally rely on our senses to tell us what we should do and when we should do it. On a website, you need to meet the needs of sight by showcasing your products, people, and environment making your customers or clients feel at ease with you and hopefully buy from you.

Here is a condensed version of what this blog entails:


Single Shot of Each Product

Group Shots of Product Likeness

Product Candidly in Use



Photography Credits Provided in Photo Captions


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