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Updated: Oct 27

On Thursday, the small business marketing company Salt & Sand, LLC celebrated its second birthday on May 25, 2023 and reveals exciting growth & rising statistics.


Audra Leverson, owner and sole proprietor of Salt & Sand LLC shared rising statistics in comparison to 2022 in honor of the business' second year of service to the public.

Having served over 20 different industries since the erection of Salt & Sand in 2021, Audra has made it her personal goal to take on 14 websites per year single-handedly without any repetition or use of templates as she believes each project needs to be treated authentically.


"Every business is going to be completely different from the last. From the owner to the brand and even down to their customers who will be interacting with the site, my clients can rest assured that I have taken into consideration their aesthetic and vision and have turned it into a visual representation of what they stand for and who they are."

- Audra, Owner of Salt & Sand LLC


At the start of 2023, Audra set a personal goal of designing 14 websites by the following January 2024 (the equivalent of about 1 website each month). It is now the end of May and Audra has booked her 11th website of the year, nearly reaching her goal in half of the time. In comparison to 2022 statistics, Salt & Sand experienced a revenue increase of 419% (four hundred and nineteen percent) and is expected to continue in the next year.

Due to the increase in demand, prices are soon going to be rising for the entrepreneur and Salt & Sand is yet again predicted to double in projected income and client onboarding.

Salt & Sand experienced exponential growth going into its second year and is without a doubt going to surpass its current goals with flying colors and new goals to attain in its place.

Happy Two Years Salt & Sand!

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