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Updated: Oct 27, 2023

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is responsible for providing people with quality content relevant to their search.

When you google "Best Coffee Shops Near Me" , websites with optimized SEO provide you with content relative to your geographical area along with statistics and valuable information that narrows down your search through the help of others feedback.

Every business with an online platform needs to set up and optimize their SEO to increase their rankings and ultimately bring in more organic leads.

– Here are 5 steps you can do today to improve your SEO

#1 Research & Analyze Keywords

Keywords are very specific words or phrases that describe your content. For instance if you own a dairy farm, your SEO keywords words might be something descriptive such as "Organic Grass fed Dairy in Newport Rhode Island." This format specifically tells the search engines exactly what someone is going to find when they search for information related to dairy in Rhode Island.

You need to do the same for your business. Start off by describing what goods or services you offer and then break it down further into more specific facts such as your location. After establishing your keywords, you need to go into your CMS platform (Wix, Wordpress, SquareSpace) and update your SEO to reflect your new keywords.


#2 Update your SEO in your CMS Platform

After you establish your keywords, you are one step closer to optimizing your website for google to crawl. The amazing thing about google is that it uses robots to crawl your site. This is a good thing. When someone searches "Organic Dairy near Newport" you want your site to get crawled for relative content and then ranked higher than your competitors.

This process occurs by updating your SEO. Every single website has a CMS platform (wix, Wordpress, SquareSpace, etc...) where you can access your dashboard. There is an SEO section for each one of these. After updating the keywords, your SEO section should prompt you to improve your entries, making them more specific to your content through Titles, Headings, and Meta-Descriptions. (your CMS platform should be informative about this process)


#3 Submit your site to Google

One of the most common mistakes business owners make is not actually submitting your site to google to be crawled for relevant information. This directly impacts your SEO as google does not crawl your website just because you publish it online. You have to submit your site online after your keywords and SEO have been updated.

This process does not take google very long, however, there are many resources available online to see where your website is in the ranking process.


#3 Backlinks

One of the most effective things that improve your SEO is your sites authority. What I mean by this is your site needs to be reputable, influential, and serve valuable content to others who may benefit from what you have to offer. SEO doesn't care what YOU have to say about your business, they care about what OTHERS have to say about your business. This part takes time and a lot of attention.

One of the best things for your relevance and reputability is backlinks. A backlink is a URL on someone else's website that links to yours. Anytime your website is referenced by someone else and published on an online platform, this increases your authority. This is a rather difficult endeavor however as this requires relationships to be formed online. This part requires patience and consistency. You want people to have pleasant and helpful experiences with your good or service, but the best way for you to rank higher is to have them share their feedback and link your content.


#5 Consistently Post Relevant Content

Your website needs to be valuable and up to date. Remember how frustrated you would get when a business hasn't updated their store hours and you go there and their closed? That is a direct result of being inconsistent. Google does the same thing. Search Engines receive millions of new content each day and is responsible for providing someone with relevant and accurate resources relative to their search. This is where competition comes in. There are millions of people writing and doing the same things you are. Part of consistency is continually providing a wealth of content and knowledge that is helpful to the searcher. The more you do this, the more relevant you are, the more authority you have, and the more increases you will see in your ranking of SEO.


Audra Leverson Hubspot Academy SEO Certification


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