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Over the past 3 years, I’ve tried a number of different methods, techniques, and strategies to converting consultations into paying clients in one afternoon. I’ve found that TRUST is the #1 reason I have so many successful consultations meetings.

I always zoom call and share my face during the consultation

I never expect my clients to turn on their screen, but when I make the first move, they are more inclined to meet!

I’ve been able to spark many non-work related conversations by revealing to them my personal space, my face, and bits of my personal life. My cat frequently comes up positively in conversation! :)

These non-work conversations are where we often find common ground and find something relatable to communicate about that makes my clients feel more comfortable with me.

As tempting as it is to jump the gun and get straight into business, I’ve found this detrimental to bonding with my clients as individuals - not just business owners.

I share my computer screen during consultations

As strange as it sounds I’ve gotten a TON of positive feedback about how open I am during my consultations. Throughout each meeting, I take very thorough notes and have a consultation template ready to go and set up specifically for them and sharing that with them makes them feel like they are in control and I’ve accurately captured their needs without them having to wonder or relinquish that control.

If you’ve read previous blogs of mine, you’d know that I also prepare in advance for these meetings. I do my research on their business, their competition, and more. Revealing that sort of information has made clients of mine feel important! It makes them feel like I care about their business and I wish them success even if we don’t end up working together. I reveal this to them during the consultation and I often get a lot of compliments about it.

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I customize the consultation experience to the individual business

a spin-off of my point before — my consultations are deliberately designed to be tailored to the specific business / individual.

Prior to even meeting in person, I spend on average about 3 hours doing market research and gathering intel. This helps me prepare and gives me a leg up when offering solutions!

I’ve made the mistake of thinking the consultations are the time to learn about the businesses goals, pain points, history, etc… and I couldn’t have been more wrong. That is me banking on them telling me everything I need to know which doesn’t often happen. Instead, the consultations are when I pitch my service in confidence that I can help them!

Ive already done my research and I’ve already familiarized myself with their industry and features they may need. When I come to the consultation, not only am I prepared - but I am also intentional which makes my clients feel at ease and confident in me as a service provider.

It is crucial to create an environment where clients feel secure and have confidence in the services provided. Trust forms the foundation of strong business relationships that extend beyond the completion of work. Over the years, I have had the privilege of serving more than 30 businesses and building lasting friendships with them. These client relationships, which continue long after the work is done, are incredibly valuable to me. I am committed to fostering trust in every business consultation, as it paves the way for successful collaborations and ongoing connections.


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