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If your plane doesn't have an engine - it's not really a plane, it's a wallet burning decoration. No mission is no engine.

plane hovering over a tree line
Photography by Sam Willis

#1 You won't have a business if you don't have a mission statement. Why?

You don't have a plane if you don't have an engine. A plane may have all the parts, have all the staff, have all the equipment and gadgets and gears....but if it doesn't have an engine, it's not a plane, its a wallet burning decoration. Your mission statement is what makes your plane fly and will help you measure success, set benchmarks, and make a difference. No Business Mission = Wallet Burning Decoration.


#2 Your mission statement determines your final destination. Don't believe me?

Tell me, how do you plan to fly a plane if you don't have a pilot, don't have the resources, and don't know where you are going? Exactly. Stop winging it - we can tell. Your mission statement should clearly state: "we will accomplish X by Y, because of Z." You should know it, your employees should know it, and your customers should know it.


#3 Your mission statement is the plane - you are the pilot. Imposter Syndrome?

If your mission statement is the plane....then you are the pilot. Imagine if the roles were reversed. Imagine if you got on a plan and entrusted a pilot who didn't know how to fly? Exactly - you wouldn't. You would get off because you are not safe. Trying to build a business with no mission statement is like telling everyone you are a pilot who can't fly.


If you want to start a business, get used to being a pilot. A pilot know the interior and exterior workings of a plane. A pilot knows the destination and understands the means to get there. A pilot has safety plans in place and knows how to handle emergencies and predict oncoming turbulence.

Author: Audra Leverson

Website Design & Development

Owner of Salt & Sand LLC


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