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I'm glad you asked.

Websites can be expensive and its important to always be in the loop about your finances and what your money is being used for. No matter what, an investment should always have a return. We call this an ROI (Return on Investment). Our goal is to get you back your money and MORE by designing you a sales and leads generating website.

We incorporate a variety of plug-ins on websites to not only help your buisness work smarter and not harder, but also provide an experience online for your potential leads. We design plug-ins such as online ordering, shop and checkout, pop-up ads, animations, booking platforms, album and portfolio hubs, automated emails, and hundreds more. If you want a blog, we do what we can to bring in the readers. 

If you want to build a store, we try to incorporate an easy online shopping experience for them that makes them want to return, and the list goes on! You see, it's not just an investment for you, but also an opportunity for others to invest as well! Your money is going toward your experience. Easy, hassle free platforms that do the work for you, as well as a delightful experience for the customer who is looking into your good or service. Everyone wins when you invest in Salt & Sand




Website Designer & Developer

Money is everything sometimes, which is why it can never be taken lightly.

Website Design is supposed to be an investment, but yet, it always requires a risk. With the right strategy, focused in the right market, and designed by the right person, that is your difference in getting your return.

At Salt & Sand, I believe that we would be doing you a disservice by not being as passionate about your business as you are. It is important that we know you, we know what you offer people, and we understand the value.

That is why you should invest with us at Salt & Sand. Imagine having someone as passionate about your business as you are. That makes a pretty good team.

FIND YOUR "why" 



Whenever we engage with a business of any kind, we are having an experience. Investing in a website is investing on an experience that could create long-term customer loyalty

The first step always begins with a consultation. At the consultation, we take intentional time to learn about your business, target audience, business goals, and more. We use this information to draw up a website proposal which will help you visualize ideas so you always stay in the loop!


Generating leads is no small feat. But having a website designer that understands your target audience will know exactly how to convert an interest into an experience that could change customer relationships entirely



Relationships are one of the hardest, yet most rewarding investment a person can make. One relationship could be the difference between success and failure. It's important to have relationships, but more importantly, it's pertinent to pick the right relationships.


Here, we are a team. Teams are a "ready, aim, fire" kind of operation and that's exactly what we do here. As a team, we prepare ahead, we establish goals, and then we execute and strive for success and return


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