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Websites can be expensive and its important to always be in the loop about your finances and what your money is being used for. No matter what, an investment should always have a return (ROI). At Salt & Sand, our goal is to get you back your money and more by designing you a sales and leads generating website. Websites are not just an investment for you, but also an opportunity for other to invest as well! Your money is going towards your experience. Easy, hassle free platforms that do the work for you as well as a delightful experience for your customer who is interacting with your goo or service. Your website is likely going to be one of the first interactions your customers ever have with your brand, so lets make a good first impression. 



Audra Leverson, Owner

Imagine working with someone who is just as passionate about your business as you are. Our mission statement is "to be as passionate about your business as you are through design and development that captures your history and capitalizes your future."  At Salt & Sand, I believe that we would be doing you disservice if we didn't take careful time and consideration working on your brand. 

8 Month Payment Plan


6 Month Payment Plan


4 Month Payment Plan


2 Month Payment Plan





The first step always begins with a consultation via zoom meeting. At the consultation, your designer will take intentional time to learn about your business, target audience, business goals, aesthetic and more. We use this information to draw up website design inspiration that will help you visualize ideas in hopes of capturing the entirety of who you are and what you offer.

You can expect to have a creative, enthusiastic, and productive experience. Your website designer will exceed your expectations guaranteed and will provide you with a sense of relief and excitement as they strive to capture who you are and what you offer. 

You can expect your designer to ask thorough questions and dive into your industry whole-heartedly. Market research, competitor comparisons, and evaluating your target market are all important pieces of your website build and you can expect your designer to deliver and execute accordingly.



If the client wishes to proceed with a website build, you can expect to be sent a deposit request of 50% and then a services agreement contract. After the completion of those two steps, the website build begins and your designer will reveal your website periodically and show you the progress and modify any changes per the request of the client. At the completion of the site, the remaining 50% is required and the website ownership will be transferred.



You can expect your designer to invest in you as an individual and work with you as a team. At Salt & Sand, we operate under a "ready. aim. fire." mentality where we prepare ahead, establish goals, and then we strive for success and return. 

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